What is a BMW diagnostic scan?

A genuine BMW ISTA diagnostic scan or vehicle test determines the control units installed in the vehicle and their variants, as well as their special equipment.

Control units

Furthermore the vehicle test reads the diagnostic and service-related data from the control units and generates a test plan, which becomes part of the service procedure.

Fault Memory List

The test plan lists the suspected components and functions sorted according to priority. The individual suspected components and functions are presented with the appropriate documents and procedures. Procedures localize a fault and provide advice on rectifying it.

Test Plan
Test Plan

A procedure (service program) is primarily designed to identify the cause of a fault. Further- more, service functions can be performed via procedures. Information can be displayed within a procedure, as well as measurements read out or entered. Furthermore, queries can be made available via selection screens. After a procedure has been carried out, additional information will be added to the test plan, if this turns out to be necessary for further fault search or fault rectification.

Service Procedure

What does all of this mean to you — there is no better diagnostic/service system available for your BMW then the factory!

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